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About Us

KJACK is a student run college radio station, dedicated to offering NAU students and staff hands-on experience in the professional radio broadcast field. KJACK's mission is to provide an entertaining and informative radio source for the students and staff of the Northern Arizona University campus and the citizens of Flagstaff. The station broadcasts a variety of music in a freeform format, as well as campus and high school sports coverage. 

KJACK operates as a student-run, non-profit educational station, headquartered in the Communication building at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona. KJACK moved to its current location after extensive renovations were made to the School of Communication building in 2004. KJACK began in 1999, broadcasting on 1680AM from of a broom closet on the third floor of the Communication building. KJACK had several predecessors using the call letters over the years including KASC, KAXR and KRCK. 

In 2014, after many years, KJACK was granted a Low-Power FM construction permit from the FCC to broadcast on 107.1 FM using the call sign KLJX-LP. On November 23, 2015 KJACK was granted a license and is now a fully operation FM radio station.

FCC License 


KJACK Radio is a production of students broadcasting from the Media Innovation Center at Northern Arizona University’s School of Communication. In November 2015, the station received a license from the FCC and now broadcasts on 107.1 FM with the call sign KLJX-LP.