NAU Vs. Portland State Girls Volleyball

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Posted: Tuesday, October 30, 2018 7:00 pm

Adding to the homecoming festivities, the Lumberjacks girls volleyball team tie up their sneakers versus Portland State to attempt to not only win but shut out the visiting team for the fourth time in a row. The odds are in the favor of NAU given that Portland has a 4-19 record on the season. Off to a quick start, the Lumberjacks came to play on this beautiful Saturday afternoon taking a

commanding lead right off the serve in the first set. The girls continue to push hard against Portland and come away with the win on the first set 25-15.

Pushing forward into the second set, the momentum continues to carry strong for NAU. The points add up on the score board and Portland puts up a stronger effort than the first set; however, the Lumberjacks’ persistent strategy has them grasping the win 25-20. Entering the third set, NAU has the opportunity to secure their fourth straight sweep against the visiting team. Portland ups their best foot forward to attempt to prevent this from happening. The score goes back and forth as the teams battle it out in the NAU gymnasium. Coming to the end of the set, the Lumberjacks once again persevere over Portland 28-26.

The Lumberjacks success was lead by junior Abby Akin with 14 kills, 1 ace, and 3 blocks along with redshirt senior Kaylie Jorgensen with 13 kills and 2 blocks. With the lumberjacks securing this commanding victory, this marks the first time they have swept the visiting team for four straight home games in five years.