KJACK News - February 28th

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Posted: Thursday, February 28, 2019 8:00 am

I’m Grant Helton with KJACK radio news and these are your top headlines for thursday february 28th


Peoria police have arrested a suspect in a homicide case and located the victims body in the desert. 29 year old Zackary Nowalk is jailed under suspicion of negligent homicide and abandonment of a dead body. Police say Nowalk admitted to using heroine with the victim, not providing medical aid, and keeping the body in his bedroom for a weekend. He then allegedly put the body in the trunk of his car and drove off into the desert where he dumped the body on the side of the road. Police found the body on Tuesday 6 miles south of the I-10.The victims name has not been released.


A new bill given primilenary approval in the house would enable Arizona employers to pay students below minimum wage.

The bill would allow businesses to pay the federal minimum wage, $7.25 to full time students up to 22 years old working 20 hours per week. Democrats have already stated their disapproval of the new bill saying it conflicts with the minimum wage law approved in 2016 that raises the minimum wage to $12 in 2020. The bill still must pass the senate and be signed by Doug Ducey before going into place.

Arizona lawmakers voted to advance three bills making it easier for parents to get exemptions from state vaccine requirements. The first bill adds religious exemptions to the existing law requiring vaccines and eliminate the requirement for parents to fill out a form that explains the risks of not vaccinating their kids.The second bill requires medical providers to give detailed information about vaccines. The third bill gives parents the option to have an antibody titer test see if their child has developed antibodies to help preventable diseases. Many public health officials are worried over the impact these new bills with have. Jennifer Tinney a program director for The Arizona Partnership for Immunization says if passed these bills would more children exempt from vaccinations and weaken community immunity.

The weather today sees mostly sunny with a few clouds in the morning and a high of 51. At night we can expect clear to partly cloudy skies and a low of 28.We can also expect some rain later in the week.


Those were your top headlines, I’m Grant Helton with KJACK news