KJACK News Update October 2nd 2018

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Posted: Tuesday, October 2, 2018 8:00 am

I am Rachel Beatty with KJACK News and these are your top Northern Arizona headlines for Tuesday, October 2nd.

Tropical storm Rosa heads for Northern Arizona. Rosa was a hurricane until late Sunday night, the maximum sustained wind speed has decreased by forty miles per hour since it started. Many schools in California were closed as a result of the storm. Meteorologists from the National Weather Service have reported that Northern Arizona will get hit with the heaviest amount of percipitaion.

In other news, a Northern Arizona student was killed in a car accident. The student was originally from California, three others were in the vehicle, they were near a lake on Friday September twenty-eighth when their car hit a tree. The other three people who survived were treated at the hospital.

Also, the supreme court will not review a mining ban of the land around the Grand Canyon. Former President Obama had put a ban on mining for about one thousand five hundred sixty -two square miles surrounding the Grand Canyon until 2032. This ban was put in place to maintain the health of the Colorado River. The mining industry asked the supreme court to review it, but they will not.

Now here’s your Flagstaff weather:

Today’s high is sixty-three degrees with a low of forty-seven degrees. We are under a flash flood warning with a hundred percent chance of rain. Tomorrow expect a high of sixty-five degrees with a low of forty-one degrees, there is a fifty percent chance of thunder storms so grab those umbrellas.

Those were your Northern Arizona News updates, I’m Rachel Beatty with KJACK news.