KJACK NEWS - 3/28/19

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Posted: Thursday, March 28, 2019 12:30 pm


I’m Grant Helton with KJACK radio news and these are your top headlines for Thursday, March 28th.

Scottsdale police are investigating the theft of some baseball memorabilia from a popular Scottsdale restaurant, one of which being a baseball signed by babe ruth. Officers say the restaurant's front glass doors were smashed in and 34 signed baseball were stolen in total.The 34 baseballs have an estimated value of $200,000 to $600,000 dollars.


A Buckeye police officer was hospitalized with serious injuries after his motorcycle collided with another vehicle. Police say the crash occurred around 1:00 pm, the officer was responding to a call when his vehicle collided with a jeep. The officer was airlifted to a phoenix hospital while the driver of the jeep escaped any injuries.


An Arizona woman was indicted on charges of abusing her kids who starred in a popular youtube series, including using pepper spray on them if they did poorly during filming. This case has raised concerns about the legal protection of children who star in money making videos. Labor rules that protect children on TV and film are not there on an online platform. State laws that say how long a child can work and how much schooling they need are up to the parents instead. Youtube has since deleted the channel saying it violated their community guidelines.

 US senator Martha Mc'sally has vowed to take quick action on a plan to preserve the Colorado river. Climate change, drought, and an increased demand for Colorado river water has shrunk lake mead and lake Powell to 40% of their capacity. Seven states are looking to congress to pass legislation to implement drought contingency plans, which would mean voluntary cuts to keep two reservoirs from dropping so low their dams could not deliver water. The plan also creates incentives to conserve and store water. Another hearing for the drought plan is scheduled Thursday before a house subcommittee.

The weather today sees plenty of sunshine with a high of 60 with winds 15 to 25mph. At night we can expect partly cloudy skies with a low of 31.

 Those were your top headlines, I’m Grant Helton with Kjack news.