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NAU Girls Basketball Vs. California Baptist

Brian Kibbee | Posted: Tuesday, November 27, 2018 2:00 pm

Looking to advance on their so far successful season, the Lumberjacks girls basketball team goes head to head against California Baptist on their home court. With the season having just started both of the teams so into this match up with little knowledge on the opposing squad making for an even plating field.

The start of the game resulted in a slow start from the NAU girls. California Baptist took a quick lead over the lumberjacks capitalizing on the lack of defense showcased by the home team. Pushing toward the end of the first the Lumberjacks were able to close the score to within one point resulting in a 20-19 lead fro California Baptist.

The second quarter continued to display a lack of defense from both sides of the court allowing the offense to have their way. The back and forth scoring drives keeps the Lumberjack’s fan base into the game yielding a high scoring second quarter. The match up farther proved to be equal with both teams scoring 22 points in the quarter bringing the score to 42-41 at the half.

Moving into the second half, the game continues to be exciting for the fan base to watch. California Baptist maintained an aggressive stance putting points onto the score board while the Lumberjacks hit a stand still. However, NAU was able to make a few important stops mid way through the quarter putting on a 14-3 run giving the squad the lead at the end of the quarter.

Closing out the game, the Lumberjacks were abel to hold off the visiting team with a 3 point victory yielding a 91-88 victory. The story of the games was offense. NAU shot for (.493) field goal percentage while California Baptist shot for (.474). NAU also had five of their players shoot for double digits in the score book making this a true team win.