KJACK News Update September 28th, 2018

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Posted: Friday, September 28, 2018 8:00 am

I’m Kristen Dalton with KJACK News, and these are your top headlines for Friday, September 28th.

Recently in Gastonia, North Carolina, a 6 year old autistic boy had been reported missing. Unfortunately, Police Chief Robert Helton held a press conference to report that the boy’s body had been found in a local creek by some searchers that had volunteered to help look for him. Currently, there are no reports as to what happened to the boy and the investigation will continue.

In San Francisco, the recently opened Salesforce Transit Center has been shut down due to the discovery of cracking in two of the steel beams supporting the building. Officials have yet to determine the source of this mysterious cracking. The shutdown will last until the building can be declared as “safe” once again. Until then, the building’s reputation for serving as a bold architectural statement from a wealthy, high tech city is put on hold.

Now heading to what’s happening in Chicago, Uber Technologies Incorporated will be paying a hefty $148 million in order to make their security more reliable. This is a very delayed response to a security breach that Uber had failed to notify their drivers about back in 2016. Apparently, instead of reporting this breach, the company had allegedly hidden evidence of theft and paid ransom in an attempt to protect the data stolen. Of the data collected, hackers gained access to information including the drivers' licenses and personal data of their employees.

And now, for your weather update. Looks like today will be sunny with clear skies and no chance of rain. The high for today will be 78 degrees and today’s low will be 45 degrees. Make sure you keep those water bottles on you and stay hydrated.

Those were your top headlines, I’m Kristen Dalton with KJACK News.