"Awake" by Alison Wonderland


Alison Wonderland is a self-made music producer out of Australia who has been riding the wave since she has hit the scene a few years ago. Dancingastronaut.com even said that she is the highest billed female DJ in Coachella history. Her newest album, “Awake” is nothing short of the music magic we have heard from her before. Easily this album gets a 5/5 from me.

The opening song, “Good Enough”, has no lyrics, but has an overall dark feel and a heavy bass drop which will definitely prepare you for hearing the rest of the album. While listening to it, I was reminded of the soundtrack from a movie. Also, the instrumental talent shown in the production of this song can be compared to the rest of the album, lit. Multiple times throughout listening to this album I had the urge to head bang so watch out friends.

One main element that brings this album to its success it the amount of collaborations on it, including Trippie Redd, Chief Keef, and Buddy to name a few. Her voice is excellently paired with their voices to tell a story through the music. “High”, featuring Trippie Redd offers a happy burst of lyrics along with instrumental background which is the perfect follow up after the song, “Easy” which might not have as uplifting lyrics, but it still has uplifting instrumentals. There can be a lot of auto-tuning heard in the track and it sounds like an experimental garage band sound but that adds to the originality of the track on the album.

This is another element that adds to the overall success of the album in my opinion. None of the songs sound the same, all have some sort of unique twist in them. “Good Girls, Bad Boys”, feels like it belongs directly in a rave, it has a heavy bass and the little number of lyrics in the song speak of freedom and living live which is what raves are all about. There is a high energy and trap sound dispersed throughout the whole album which also adds to this feeling. However, she also reaches such a different range of music it is astounding. It reaches pop sounds and the harder dubstep side of music as well.

The album closes with the song titled, “Awake”. This song is the perfect wrap-up as it seems to be a reflection of the lyrics on the rest of the album. It concludes by her coming to the realization that things were left kind of crappy in some relationships, but to get over it she looks back at the better parts of the relationship and focuses on positive things like, “accepting your smile”.