The Chainsmokers

So check it, the Chainsmokers come back around with their new album, “Memories… Do Not Open” on April 7th 2017. Here, the Chainsmokers add a more of a chilled or mellow (or a sad tone) in the album. In earlier works, the Chainsmokers would have more of an upbeat energetic tone, making their audience hyped to dance. The Chainsmoker are known for Don’t Let Me Down from their 2016 album “Collage”, ‘#SELFIE’ from “The Duff Motion Picture”, and ‘Kanye’ ft. SirenXX as their single hit. The album include 12 songs, all of which different and similar to the next one.

The album starts with ‘The One’, a saddening like song where the piano and the Chainsmokers themselves are kicking off the song. Like every Chainsmokers song, there is the use of various upbeats, making the song a little more happier, yet still carries the melancholic overtone. I would describe the song as one being relaxed, but also sad. If you thought that song was pretty depressing, the following song ‘Break Up Every Night’ is one where the Chainsmokers are singing to a girl who, well breaks up every night because of her wild mood changes. Jeez, just let her go guys. Why all the sad songs Chainsmokers? It’s like hey, let's make an entire album where we sing about a lot of sad things but add a nice upbeat tone to it. The Chainsmokers in a nutshell. Next Song! ‘Bloodstream’ slams you with ‘I been drunk 3 times this week… spent all my money on the fleeting moment”, hey Chainsmokers, is everything OK guys? There are 4 songs here where the Chainsmokers feature different artist. The first is ‘Don't Say ft. Emily Warren’, ‘It Won't Kill Ya ft. Louane’, ‘Wake Up Alone ft. Jhené Aiko’, and Last Day Alive ft. Florida Georgia Line, which honestly all aren’t that bad. Each song carries a unique addition to the voices. Like each beat and melodies were specially made for each artist. The more well known song ‘Paris’ is also apart of this album, where seems a little more happy than the entire album. Nice. ‘Young’ and ‘Honest’ are all that’s left, where ‘Honest’ starts with a few vocal words about the ‘hypocrisy of human hearts’. In essence, the song is right. Was there ever a moment where you felt one thing but doing the exact opposite? This one is about love so don’t think to hard. Be honest to your heart. ‘Young’ is the only song in the entire album to feature an acoustic guitar but adds the pop beats that the Chainsmokers would add. This is odd, as I’ve never heard a song fit the acoustic guitar and bass together so well. Congratulations Chainsmokers, you’ve successfully made an album to give me a rollercoaster of emotions.