Injury Reserve has truly made a name for themselves in the past few years. From touring all over the world, performing at music festivals, to accumulating millions of plays online and through music streaming services.This rap trio consisting of Stepa J. Groggs, Ritchie With a T, and producer Parker Corey who all hail from Phoenix, Arizona and have gained the attention of the underground rap movement. They’ve gotten high praise from music reviewers such as The Needle Drop and Pitchfork, further bringing them to light as the fresh and original hip hop group that they are.

I had the pleasure of seeing them in Flagstaff two years ago, where they delivered rhythmic and complex beats courtesy of Corey, complementented perfectly to Ritchie and Stepa’s refreshing lyricism. While moshing in a small house with about 50 other people, Injury Reserved showed that they were onto something new, and worth keeping an eye one. Since then, they have crafted 3 vibrant and energetic records, all which span across a multitude of genres and styles. From jazz to electronic, soul, and even punk, these guys have brought something new to the table.

What’s next for Injury Reserve? They are currently working on their fourth album, planned for release this year. For those of you readers who have been following these guys, you may know that they are currently here in Flagstaff to record their forthcoming album. So keep an eye out around town as well as online, because these fellas are really killing it in the hip hop game.