Don't Sleep On Lauv

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Posted: Thursday, February 21, 2019 10:00 am

The alternative pop artist, Lauv, also know for the guy who sings the song in the trailer for Netflix’s “To All the Boys I Loved Before”, has started to make a name for himself and I recommend you give him a try. Lauv, originally Arie Lef from San Francisco, first started to see some success after his collaboration with Cheat Codes and Demi Lovato in “No Promises”. Individually, “I Like Me Better” was the first of his songs to chart, and the song made it to #7 on Billboard’s Top 40 Pop Songs. However, one of his biggest strides towards popularity was being one of the opening acts alongside Snow Patrol in the Ed Sheeran Divide tour. Lauv is a singer/songwriter and producer who is on his way to become either the next big name in EDM, or the most slept on DJs of 2019.

If you like pop music but are looking for lyrics that have meaning and heart, I suggest his debut album, “I met you when I was 18”. On an album made of 17 songs, Lauv tells the story of a relationship, from the beginning to end, with the good times and the bad times. The album consists of some slower songs with an acoustic vibe while others have the pop electronic sound that has become extremely popular in the last couple of years — thank you EDM. Even though some of his songs have a little bit of an electronic vibe to them, the music does not take away from the lyrics and the sentiment he is trying to expose. The song, “There Is No Way”, featuring Julia Michaels, his recent ex-girlfriend, is about wanting someone at the wrong time and could be a possible explanation for their breakup. His songs really give listeners a sense of what he went through and is going through.

Even though he has been part of the music community for the last couple of years, he still has not found the spotlight many artists and musicians look for. I won't lie there is nothing that makes Lauv an extraordinary artist but what I from what have heard, I find him to be a really good songwriter. He uses emotion in his music to relate to what many other people are feeling and, in a sense, that’s what good music is all about. Check out this artist for some upbeat, real music.