The Marias EP Review

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Posted: Tuesday, February 12, 2019 4:00 pm

On September 28, 2018 the rising Los Angeles-based group, The Marías, released their second EP, Superclean Vol. II. The band is most commonly associated with a genre of psychedelic soul which, as this release can illustrate, just might be the perfect cluster of words to describe such a group. Forming as a musical collective about two years ago, couple María Zardoya and Josh Conway have been creating and experimenting with an array of sounds, pulling various inspirations from a soup of sensual melodies.

This album further establishes The Marìas’ profound, yet tranquil tone throughout the beats, harmony, and compositions. Superclean Vol. II starts off with “Ruthless,” a catchy melody that builds from keys to drums and creates a fetching mixture of soul, jazz, and even a hint of funk. With the chorus “Cause darling the truth is, in darkness I’m ruthless,” the group works to create a bold yet sensual theme as she nearly sighs the lyrics with her soft, almost seductive voice.

Next comes “Cariño,” another romance-based message, however, this time in a much more affectionate manner. María plays along with the theme of love, singing these intimate lyrics entirely in Spanish – the language of romance – illuminating her Puerto Rican heritage. The song, translated as “Darling,” displays her tenderness towards the subject of the matter, divulging how there’s something about this person and repeatedly vocalizing their loveliness. “Over the Moon” is a soft, simplistic song, once again highlighting the band’s adept usage of keys, drums, guitar, and, of course, María’s warm and affectionate vocals.

Lastly, the album concludes with my personal favorite of the release, “Clueless.” This song is a very catchy/funky/jazzy-type song that definitely won’t fail to get people on their feet to groove along to the rhythmic sounds. I think this anthem creates a refreshing balance among the gentle tracks, satisfying their more funk-craving listeners. Overall, the general tone of Superclean Vol. II circles around The Marías’ recurring magnetic yet timeless vibrations, appealing to the taste of all ages, styles, and ever-changing moods.

The group is currently touring the U.S. so keep an eye out for some local shows to tunefully soothe a variety of pleasurable, savory desires.