Getting to Know H.E.R.

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Posted: Monday, March 4, 2019 11:00 am

I may be jumping on the bandwagon for H.E.R., but better late than never. After winning a Grammy for best R&B album with her EP “I Used To Know Her: The Prelude” and best R&B performance, I decided to give her — no pun intended— a chance and I do not regret it. The artist's given name is Gabriella Wilson and she is 21 years old. H.E.R.s first EP, named after herself, came out in 2016 with the second volume of her EP coming out on 2017.

Hearing her performance of “Hard Place” at the Grammy's made me look up from my phone and give her my total attention. I even Shazammed her performance so I would know which song was she was singing. I won't lie, I’m not the biggest R&B fan and I don't know much about the genre but what I have always heard about it, is that you can feel what the artist is saying with their soul. This is exactly what made me notice H.E.R.

For me, artists have to be more than just great singers or performers. They have to interpreters and they need to make their audience feel. That is what happened to me when listening to H.E.R.

As I was listening to her playlist in Spotify, a few of her other songs also really stuck out to me. They made me stop in the middle of my walk to class and and save the songs so I would have them for my walk back as well. The songs tell a story: “My Song”, “Thursday”, and “Losing” where a few that I could relate to. Walking to class is how I discover most of my music, and while I am more of a mainstream type of person, I can say she is one of my favorite artists now for my journeys.

I really enjoy listening to the radio as well, but I am happy I watched the Grammy's and had an opportunity to hear her amazing music.  While I am not saying that she is my favorite artist now, I still like to listen to H.E.R. when I want to really think and just get over my feelings with a good slow song, good beat and powerful lyrics. She certainly checks all of those boxes.

So, listen to H.E.R. because as we saw at the Grammy's, she is really going to be in the industry for a while and hopefully she will continue to be completely herself.