Artist Profile // Vansire

Vansire is a dream-pop duo from Rochester, Minnesota who have been gaining traction recently for their easy listening, warm fuzzy indie pop. The group is composed of Josh Augustin and Sam Winemiller, friends since high school who initially wanted to make music that resembled Mac Demarco. While their sound has a laid-back vibe, they have a more distinctive sound. Listening to Vansire makes you want to curl up in a nest of blankets while it’s snowing outside. So far, the duo have a full album as well as a short ep and several singles under their belt.

Last month, they released a track featuring Chester Watson, an MC from Miami. The track has a eerie sound with vocals provided by Watson that resemble spoken word rap groups such as WHY? or Islands. It’s a great track, and one with good flow and variety. Other tracks like Halcyon Age and Eleven Weeks really solidify their sound and aesthetic of the band. They don’t sound like all the other indie pop bands, rather they make tracks that really groove and modulate, and well crafted lyrics that swing along to their sweet and comfy songs. They plan to release a new album this year.