"From The Fires" by Greta Van Fleet

The days of flower power and adrenaline inducing rock n’ roll appear to be back due to a new band on the rise, Greta Van Fleet. The band released an album called “From the Fires”back in November of 2017 that featured two covers and six promising songs. The band consists of four members, Josh Kiszka (Lead Vocals), Jake Kiszka (Guitarist), Sam Kiszka (Bass and Keyboard) and Danny Wagner (Drums) who are all from Frankenmuth, Michigan. Their music seems to be very influenced by hard rock and blues rock. Their sound has been compared to that of Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones.

Josh Kiszka’s strong and impressive vocals are hard to forget alongside the wild guitar solos and drum skills that captures feelings of rebellion and youth. Their big hit, “Highway Tune” is captivating because of the strong guitar riff that opened the song, which was followed by an explosion of rock.  

“Flower Power” was another striking track. It was soft and folky, but equally impressive. The vocals and sound are almost enchanting and the lyrics paint a very clear story about love. “Black Smoke Rising” highlights holding powerful people accountable for their actions, and taking a stand against injustices. It’s cool to see how these musicians want to use their artform to encourage change in our society.

“A Change Is Gonna Come”, was originally written in 1964 by Sam Cooke in response to the Civil Rights Movement. The cover could have been done very wrong, but not in this case! Josh’s emotional vocals portrays the mood of the song perfectly and the instrumentation was extremely moving and powerful. They did this song the justice it deserves. Of course, there were four other songs on the album, these are just the songs that really stood out.     

Greta Van Fleet’s album is very focused on the music and creating a sound that stands out among different rock groups. They deserve the praise they have been receiving. This is the beginning of a wildly successful future for these small town boys.