Brockhampton, led by creative mastermind Kevin Abstract is changing how American music is being made. They are a fifteen person group that is diverse in age, race, ethnicity, sexualtiy, and talents. The members are rappers, artists and producers. They are not backed by a major record label, Brockhampton are their own record label, they rely on each other’s creative direction for lyrics, music, brand, graphics and production. Formed in 2015 in an online forum, this “boyband” is on a mission to rewrite the way we think about music .

Brockhampton’s goal is to blend music genres to create a diverse sound. They have varying influences from hip hop, alternative hip hop, alternative R&B and pop-rap. The lyrics focus on social issues such as race, sexuality and financial struggles in middle-class America, which has led to the creation of a mostly young, queer and racially diverse fan following. Kevin Abstract is very open about his homosexuality, and hopes that he can be someone young people can identify with. Abstract’s social awareness is changing the rap game, which, in the past, was usually dominated by heavily masculinized lyrics. Fans are responsive and appreciate the music because of the raw emotions and vulnerability in each song.

Brockhampton has released one mixtape called, “All American Trash” in 2016, which was hip hop and pop heavy. In 2017, they released their studio album, in a three part trio, alongside a self-made movie celebrating the trilogy titled, “Saturation”. Some of the hits include “Boogie”, which has a fun, dance vibe; “Bleach” a melancholy tone with dark lyrics; and “Gold” an upbeat and unique melody. Their music has been widely accepted and has received critical acclaim. Brockhampton’s sound and approach to the music industry is one of a kind, and it seems like this boy band has a great future ahead.