"We Beefin?" by Wendy's

Wendy’s fast food restaurants like to pride themselves for claiming to have 100% fresh, never frozen beef patties, and they are willing to go to any means necessary to get their message across to the world. Thanks to their marketing team, Wendy’s Twitter account has spewed endless amounts of memes and disses towards other fast food chains to stay relevant. However, their most recent attempt at relevancy just might be a little over the top. On March 23, 2018, Wendy’s has decided to release a five song mixtape titled “We Beefin?” on all music streaming platforms. Because of this, I have to beg the question: “Why does this exist?”

This whole mixtape can be summed up as 10 minutes of typical Wendy’s Twitter antics. These five songs have a “wash, rinse, repeat” formula of Wendy’s rubbing their own ego, calling out Burger King and McDonald’s for stealing their ideas, and making cringeworthy references to “clout” and “sauce.” It’s as if they’re expecting a response from these other burger joints so they can have the fast food equivalent to Meek Mill and Drake’s rivalry.

The songs seem to be professionally produced as most of the songs sound similar to hip-hop beats that most artists use today. I can respect their efforts in quality, but did Wendy’s marketing team really have to go as far as to produce a full EP to brag about their food? I’m giving this sorry excuse of a marketing ploy a 2 out of 5, mainly for giving me an existential crisis and making me question my sanity for wanting to review this “mixtape.”

“We Beefin?” can be purchased on iTunes and Google Play Music, as well as streamed on Spotify, only if people are really willing to give it a listen.