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Posted: Monday, February 25, 2019 4:30 pm

I’m Kristen Dalton with KJACK News, and these are your top headlines for Monday, February 25th.


The snow storm that tops all in the Flagstaff area continues to live on as giant piles of snow and ice that covers the ground. The Flagstaff airport reports almost 3 feet of snow in the city, which is the most snow that the area has ever seen all at once. These snows reached New Mexico and Texas once it got through the eastern Arizona cities. Homeowners reported calling about having their roofs cleared to avoid damages that could be made by the melting and freezing of the snow, which would pose the risk of concaving.


Now looking to Chicago, famous R&B artist R. Kelly remains behind the bars of Cook County Jail for charges of aggravated criminal sexual abuse. Kelly’s bail was set at $1 million dollars at his trial this past Saturday. Steve Greenberg, Kelly’s attorney, claims that despite his success from the music career he pursued in his early life, he doesn’t quite have the money to post bail for himself. Greenberg blames mismanagement and bad contracts for the dip in his financial situation now. Due to these charges, his passport has been seized and any hopes of his tour in Europe are no longer.


In New York, the Oscars are still lacking a host, since Kevin Hart backed out. However, if there’s anything that the awards don’t lack, it’s drama. There have been categories that were listed, which are no longer listed, as well as categories that weren’t originally part of the show that will now be incorporated. Writers for this award ceremony are hoping to increase viewers this year to come back from the lull they experienced last year, which hold the record of all-time lowest viewership in the history of the Oscar’s.


And now for your weather update. Reports say that it will be mostly sunny with a high of 45 degrees. There will be a southwest wind of 3 to 7 miles per hour. The low will be 17 degrees and towards the evening hours, slight clouds will roll in. So make sure to bundle up, stay warm, and drive safe!


Those were your top headlines, I’m Kristen Dalton with KJACK News.