Artist Profile - Khruangbin

The Texas-based trio Khruangbin is known for their distinct combination of 1960s and ‘70s Thai funk, psychedelic, surf, gospel, and countless other genres which create an atmospheric mist of tranquil and sedating harmonies that rap your body up in comforting bass lines and drum beats, yet twists your mind with sonic guitar bends and lightly serene chording and hammer-ons. The band’s name is a translation of the Thai word meaning “Flying Engine,” or more appropriately, “aeroplane,” which …

Kade's Takes - May 13th

The NBA Playoffs are live and well without LeBron; The Warriors have found their identity without Durant; Giannis is the best player on the planet and Kawhi is right behind him; Paul Pierce is the Clown of the Week; The Celtics two options this offseason.